I love my Amtico floor. I am also extremely satisfied with the service you have provided to me. You were very patient with me on my several trips to your store and you provided me with a lot of different looks so I could make my decision. It was very helpful to me for you to lay out the different patterns for me to see. The one I ended up with, Norwegian slate 12X18 diagonal, is the perfect one for me.

It is not everyday that you find this kind of patient service from vendors. I changed my mind a few times and you never complained. Thank you! Also, your installer, Albert, was a pleasure to have working in my home. He was very nice, neat, considerate, on time, and did a wonderful job. It took a lot of time, but he never seemed to rush.

I will definitely use your company again when the need arises.

Lexann Massoni

A friend of mine dropped by to see the end result of my kitchen remodel. She was very impressed with the AMTICO floor. I explained to her how the tile was made, cut and laid and I know she was very much taken by the end result. I mentioned to her and now to you that of all of the people involved with the deconstruction and construction during the remodel of the kitchen the only person I would ask to come back without reservation was Albert. He was precise in his measurements and layout, impeccably clean and neat and just a pleasant person to have in your home.

I’ve noticed that depending upon the amount of sun light coming through the kitchen widows, the tiles take on a pale green or blue cast and yet there is no green or blue color in the tile itself. To make a long story short, I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you for your help and please let Albert know that more than one person has remarked at how amazing the tile looks.

The access “hole” under the refrigerator worked out perfectly!


Our new Amtico floor installation has been completed and it looks just beautiful. We are very pleased with the product and thank you very much for your help and courtesy in assisting us. Your knowledge and understanding of Amtico is really astounding and very special. It was easily worth the drive to Belmont to discuss Amtico with you.

And, speaking of special, we wanted you to know how much we appreciated Albert and his expert installation. It is evident that he is a top-notch professional, an artist at his craft, a perfectionist, and an expert in Amtico. We just cannot say enough good things about him and his work. Our contractors, Shepard and Dichian, top-notch professionals themselves, also recommend him highly.

Thank you again for a fine experience. We will be pleased to recommend you without reservation and, of course, you may use us as a reference if you wish.

Gary and Wynne Bacon

I discovered Beau Monde Flooring when I was researching a new type of flooring for my kitchen, foyer, and adjacent powder room. The current ceramic tile flooring had nasty looking grout and was way too much trouble to clean and was cold and hard to walk on (or kneel on). I was getting nowhere until I was referred to Michael by my previous flooring company. Michael showed me a new (to me) type of flooring called Amtico. What an incredible product! Any type of look is available in this next generation vinyl product. Stone, wood, or a great variety of abstract patterns in plank or tile shapes with an endless choice of borders, inlays, stripping, etc.

I choose the Marcasite 18" square abstract with a red tone 1/8" stripping in Amtico where the grout would be in a tile floor. It looks fantastic in my new kitchen with crimson stained cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances and Whitney pattern Cambria quartz counters. Oh, and did I mention that it is durable as all get out, super easy to clean, and easy to walk (and kneel on)?

Michael is wonderful to work with, a true professional and a top rate designer. Anything you can dream of Michael can deliver. Installation was excellent with a very experienced Amtico installer.

I liked the Amtico so much that I had it installed in my second floor laundry room and guest bedroom. I used the same Marcasite pattern with a light silver stripping in the laundry room and a teal blue stripping in the guest bedroom. Same tile but completely different looks due to the amazing chameleon like quality of the Marcasite pattern and the different stripping. This product can easily be used in every room of the house.

Janet Curry

I have used Beau Monde Flooring numerous times and Michael Kazarian and his team have never disappointed. Michael thoroughly knows his products and can make knowledgeable recommendations on everything from carpet, to padding, to tile, to flooring. One of the best things about working with Michael is that he works very well with other trade contractors which is a huge advantage when doing a remodel.

Overall I would highly recommend Michael and his team and will continue to use them for all my flooring needs


We had our home remodeled last fall and a part of it was the installation of new carpeting. We had always had nylon carpets in the past, and while they were okay, they just don't last. Michael turned us on to wool carpets and ... what a difference! (Check back in 20 years or more and we'll let you know how they are wearing.)

The selection may be a bit wider at some of the larger outlets, but after shopping around it was clear that Michael knew what he was doing. He was very helpful in picking the carpet that was just right for us.

I was pleasantly surprised that the price was not as high as I thought. While wool may cost quite a bit more per yard, by the time it's installed the differential is not as bad as I expected. (It costs the same to install wool as it does nylon.) Had I to do it over again, I would pick just what Beau Monde installed. No regrets at all.

The installers were fast and very professional. I was warned (by our painter) that "the carpet guys always beat up the walls and baseboards." But not this time. I had a hard time finding any nits to pick ... and certainly no complaints. (That painter needs to work with Beau Monde more so he can see what "the good guys" do.)

I recommend Beau Monde very highly


Got very good recommendation on Amtico flooring from kitchen designer. Found the local source and visited to learn more. Sales person was extremely helpful with samples, pictures, and advice. We choose a bright, cheerful color and a unique pattern. Salesman strongly advised us to use Amtico installers, but agreed to tell my contractor what was needed. My contractor did not heed the salespersons advice and installed the special sub flooring improperly. He conceded that the installation of the actual flooring material should be done by Beau Monde. The installer from Beau Monde was very unhappy with the condition of the sub floor and convinced me it had to be replaced. He then tore out and replaced the sub flooring, installed the flooring and cleaned up the resulting floor to give a spectacular final touch to the kitchen. Beau Monde worked around our schedule and corrected the original contractor's mistake in a very professional manner. They even sent us Baklava for Christmas. Great place

Ralph Kirk

The first phase of the Amtico is installed. Thank you for working with Albert and having the Amtico installation completed for now.

I would like to however relay to you how impress both my wife and I are with the service that Albert provided. He is truly a professional individual beyond what is typically expected in the industry. From the initial installation of the underlayment to the Amtico installation in the kitchen, he was courteous and respectful at all times. We can see that he takes great pride in the work he does and his skill and detailed workmanship are reflective of it.

Each time he worked on the floors, he left the work site completely cleaned. We are truly very pleased with what he has done at this point and are sure that nothing less will be demonstrated when the rest of the job is completed. We want to thank you for having Albert as part of your team and certainly encourage you to continue to use him as your floor installer. He will make your customers smile and pleased with the product purchased as it is beautifully installed.

Please feel free to relay our comments to him.


When people make the observation that we travelled to Belmont, an hour's drive each way from Walnut Creek, they express surprise in light of the fact that we have some very nice flooring establishments ten minutes away. I tell them how, in spite of my going to all the local stores I knew I had seen only a small sampling of the Amtico line at each place.

It was very important to me that before I made my decision I would have seen as much as I could. After going on-line and speaking with you on the telephone... I knew I had to get to Beau Monde Floors.

At your establishment I found the largest selection of Amtico I had ever seen. The samples are arranged in a very careful way where the customer has quick access. Your enthusiasm and willingness to stay with your customer is exceptional. Your belief and enthusiasm for Amtico is very supportive in this world of products. The people who work for you are exceptional. Albert is an expert craftsman. There is no question that he takes pride in his work ... and also pleasure as he meticulously translates your plan, strip by strip. It was a pleasure having him work in our house. Sean did a great job laying the vinyl in the loft and the carpet on the stairs.

Thank you for selecting such a great shade of blue for the steps. We couldn't be happier with the job you coordinated for us. It is indeed worth making the trip to Beau Monde in Belmont. Now my world is more beautiful because of it!

Many Thanks,
Joe and Shonny Potozkin
Walnut Creek

I saw the kitchen floor at the Hum/Prince site for the first time yesterday. It is beautiful!!! You guys did a really good job and I wanted to pass on a word of thanks from me and praise form the clients. This was originally sent to me from Robert Hum in an e-mail form, that I thought you would like to know about.

"Amtico made good progress today. They have the floor partially put down (not glued yet, just put down so we can see the pattern). WOW! It looks terrific! Beats real tile hands down! The installer is ultra meticulous and a real stickler for perfection (just what we like!)."

Thank you again for doing such great work and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards,
Kristen Kleiboer

Several weeks, after exhaustive research, my wife and I decided to install Amtico flooring as part of our kitchen remodel. Conveniently, we found that your company was the only local company handling this product. You were most gracious and helpful during our initial inquiry. Shortly after you provided a quotation for our job, we happened to be in Expo down in San Jose. We noticed that they also handled Amtico. As we were curious, we asked them for a quotation on the same job. Expo's policy is to have the customer upfront $100 for this quotation service.

It appeared that Expo's price was going to be substantially less than that quoted by you.Accordingly, we went ahead with the process. A flooring company called to arrange a time to come out and measure. During this initial phone call, the company representative tried talking us out of Amtico and into something else. I thought this was strange and a bit of a bait and switch tactic.

To make a longer story shorter, the price through Expo, after extra charges was more than Beau Monde, and the way the whole matter was handled left a lot to be desired. Your company has just finished with our Amtico floor job and the work was impeccable. There were no hidden charges and aside from some minor scheduling conflicts, our experience was most positive.

Thank you,
Steve Carmichael

Once was just not enough!!

I was so please with my carpet installation, I just had to come back and have Beau Monde install new flooring in my kitchen and family room!

Thank you for suggesting AMTICO!! I truly appreciate the time you took in helping me decide which tile complemented my rooms; you truly have great taste!!

You wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I get! I especially love how it's so easy to clean, durable and it always looks shinny (even when it's dirty?!


Yasmin Lehane

Now that I've lived with it for a number of months, I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Amtico Flooring installed in my home.

The Amtico flooring fulfills all my practical criteria for the ideal flooring in a home occupied by two busy professional and three dogs: *It is very easy to maintain (sweep and occasionally mop with water) and it doesn't show dirt. * It is gentle on my back and on dropped crockery due to being laid over a plywood subflooring.*It is tough. I have seen no scratches, despite the dogs and our not being overly fastidious about scraping things across the floor. * It has many of the advantages of vinyl (impervious to liquids, continuity of look over a large area, ease of installation) but it is neither shiny nor slippery.

From an aesthetic standpoint it is also a real success. The wide range of sizes, colors, patterns, and trims allows huge design freedom that made it possible to come up with a pattern that scaled perfectly with our townhome, was in keeping with the style of the home, and coordinated nicely with existing wood trim and y oriental carpets. The result looks warm and rich, but not ostentatious and obviously "new".

I have been suggesting it as the ideal flooring to my dog-owning friends. It doesn't trap odors and absorb liquids the way wall-to-wall carpeting does, nor does it exhibit wear or scratching from the dog nails. A lot of people with dogs get tile because it is easy to clean up after the dogs and pretty indestructible. The problem is that as I get older, my back can't take standing for long times on tile in the kitchen, and looking down the road, I worry about the risk of falls and broken hips. The Amtico tile I chose isn't slippery – good for safety and good for keeping dogs from skittering
around – and it has a nice warm feeling underfoot.

I feel like I got my cake and ate it too, in that I have flooring that is aesthetically pleasing and is dog-proof as well.

I'm really glad that you thought to suggest Amtico to us. My husband and Flint, Pic and Maddy thank you too!


Thank you so much for helping us out with our floor. We had such a bad experience before we met you. I am so glad I stayed with my choice Amtico. The floors are so beautiful!

You were great keeping us informed and really making us a priority. I cannot thank you enough. We absolutely love the floors – what a difference it makes! I will send you a photo once we finish the room.

Again thank you!
Ellen Moye

I wanted to take a few minutes from my busy day to thank you, as well as Albert, for our beautiful floors! The weathered ash planks look fantastic. As you know, Steve and I took some time to figure out what we wanted and we went with the weathered ash because we didn't want to play it"safe." Thank you for taking the time to show us all sorts of options. We are thrilled with our choice! We also love the look of the African Slate.

Obviously, Amtico is beautiful and durable and I am totally sold on the product. However, I wouldn't be writing this letter just to tout Amtico. Instead, I want to commend you on running a business in a way that is rare today. We have done a lot of work on our house over the past several years and have had to hire painters, electricians, contractors, plumbers and landscapers.

Beau Monde is the ONLY company we've dealt with that we have had absolutely NO complaints with. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. My husband jokingly tells me I should be your PR person because whenever someone comes over and asks us who did our floors and what is it, I not only try to sell them on Amtico but also your company. You should be very proud of the company you've built and I hope you never lose the personal touch and professionalism that makes Beau Monde so unique.

Finally, there is Albert. What a pleasure he is to deal with! We had some issues this time when it came to our entryway, and Albert patiently worked with us as we addressed them. You can be assured that he adds to the integrity of your company. His work is as close to perfection as I've ever seen. He doesn't just slop through to get the work done so that he can go on to the next job. Again, this is rare in our experience.

You can be assured that when I'm ready to re-carpet the kids' rooms, I'll be calling Beau Monde!

Pam Rubenstein

I wanted to take just a moment to thank you for the outstanding value and service I have received from Beau Monde! From Start to finish the product and moreover, the service has exceeded my every expectation. Most importantly the Amtico floors look outstanding! My neighbors and friends were 'floored' when they saw the finished product. Thank you for your help in assisting me in picking out the tiles and stripping. Your product knowledge is excellent and makes the difficult process of deciding form the multitude of options much easier.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to commend the excellent installation work of Rich and Albert Jasso! The preparation of the sub-floor through to the installation of the tile was outstanding. Once again, the floors look great! These guys are indeed true craftsmen. Please let them know how much I appreciate their fine work.

My only regret is that I have no other areas of my house where I could put more of this fantastic product down. I most definitely will refer anyone I can to you for future business. Please feel free to utilize me as a referral. Once again, thank you for the outstanding service.

John R. Johnston
San Mateo California

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