Architects specify the latest, finest most durable flooing for their projects. Amtico stone, abstract and wood vinyl flooring gives them the flexibility and perfomance of Amtico products

Architects Using AmticoWhen looking for premium flooring material that adds a touch of class to a home, many architects prefer Amtico flooring. " Beau Monde " offers the highest quality vinyl flooring its lightweight and durable range of flooring options that replicate exotic flooring, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking to Amtico for flooring solutions.

Amtico flooring is a wonderful, durable alternative to more expensive flooring such as wood and stone. It’s so authentic that even trained professionals have a hard time differentiating the two! The greatest advantage of Amtico, that makes it the number one choice of architects the world over, is its practicality and maintenance. It’s a perfect choice for those who are always busy, because it’s so easy to care for. It even comes with a 20 year warranty on wear and tear.

When architects design buildings, they seek out the perfect balance between beauty and function and that’s exactly why they prefer Amtico flooring. With almost 200 products to choose from, you can create and design looks for your home that can be mixed and matched, unlike the real materials they imitate. The material itself may look slim at 2.5 mm thickness, but don’t let looks deceive you; Amtico flooring is strong and resistant to abrasion, although lightweight.

Types of Amtico Flooring

Amtico Luxury vinyl Dark Wood TileAmtico Wood Planks – When you want to add the warmth and homeliness of wood flooring to your home, consider the Amtico alternative. More resilient and easier on the pocket, Amtico’s wood range offers you a wide variety of exotic wood designs to give your home a rustic touch. Architects particularly prefer Amtico’s wood range because it adds that authentic old country charm. There are over 50 flooring designs to choose from, varying greatly in type, color and grain. Our range includes: Oak, Maple, Teak, Pine, Cherry, Chestnut and many more.

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tile Brown Stone TileVinyl Stone Tiles - flooring always gives a home a simplistic yet chic flair. When you’re looking for a minimalist lookthat gives your rooms a sense of strength, there’s no better choice than stone. With Amtico, you can choose from over 40 different stone effects. These include marble, limestone, granite, concrete, volcanic rock, ivory, sandstone, slate and so much more.

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Abtract TilesVinyl Abstract Tiles – Architects are like artists and when they want to add color and vibrancy to a room, they always prefer Amtico’s abstract flooring range. Look beyond the same old wood and stone designs to something that really makes your house unique. Unconventional textures and colors make this a great way for you to express yourself through your flooring. From water to metal, from plain vibrant colors to metallic shades Amtico gives you the freedom to customize your flooring.

Amtico MotifsMotifs – For large open spaces, motifs bring a touch of beauty like no other flooring can. Choose from star shapes and compasses that become the focal point of the room and add an air of luxury.

Art DecoBorders and Stripping – When architects seek to add a touch of detail to a room, stripping or borders around the room are the perfect way to do it. Simple yet elegant borders and stripping are a great way to instantly liven up a dull or boring space.

At Beau Monde Floors, we provide you with the best of Amtico Flooring to transform your house into the home of your dreams. We offer a variety of motif layouts and even give you the option to customize your own. We will even assist you with installation by Amtico specialists.

So when you’re planning your home, ask your architect about Amtico flooring. It’s the perfect way to bring class to your home that will last for years to come.

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