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To many people, flooring is not the appropriate canvas for artists or interior designers to express themselves. It seems too mundane and commonplace to show your creative side. But, Amtico seeks to change that impression.

When you see the wide range of flooring options that Amtico offers, you’ll understand why it’s so often the primary choice of designers around the country and the world. Unlike most other flooring options, Amtico gives you the option to design your own layout motifs and even customize your flooring. When interior designers choose Amtico, they know they will have the freedom to make a floor that’s uniquely you, adding a personal touch to your home that other floorings simply cannot.

At Beau Monde, we make it our business to give our customers the best in flooring options, and that’s why we recommend Amtico. Choose from a range of over 200 design options that can be mixed, matched and customized any way you choose. How many other companies will offer you that?

Amtico Flooring Ranges

When you want to capture the beauty and essence of exotic floorings, without having to worry about maintenance, Amtico is the perfect choice to make. Amtico offers a better lifestyle option that also gives your home or business a gorgeous contemporary touch. Why else would it be the primary flooring material of companies like Disney, NBC Studios and FAO Schwartz?

Wood Flooring – Whether you’re looking for an old-style cottage feel or a clean and modern style, Amtico offers a wide variety of wood textures and grains. From cool grey and white to warm mahogany and rust colored woods, designers love the freedom of expression that comes with this flooring. With woods like Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Pine and Maple and with finishes ranging from light and contemporary to dark and antique, the possibilities are endless.

Stone Flooring – When you want to add a minimalistic atmosphere to a room, Amtico’s stone flooring range is the perfect way to do so. Simple yet strong, stone has the ability to soothe the nerves and give the room a chic aesthetic like no other. From classics like marble and sandstone to more unique ivory, slate and concretes, Amtico has a stone flooring for your every mood. With colors ranging from warm to cool to neutral, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Abstract Flooring – Amtico’s unique range of abstract options are a designer’s delight. Adding a bold twist to traditional and boring floors, this range lets you unleash your imagination like no other flooring before it. With bright colors in shades of pink, green and yellow, and unconventional textures and patterns, this flooring range lets you use the floor as your canvas.

Amtico simulates highly unconventional flooring materials like water, woven, metals, linear patterns, fibers and stardust and bring them to life. Push the limits by mixing and matching these flooring patterns to make your rooms the talk of the town.

Floor Motifs – Reminiscent of old churches and libraries, floor motifs add a sense of history and age to open spaces. Add a star-shaped, compass pattern or Oval-shaped motif to your room to add an interesting focal point and create a feeling of class and luxury.

Borders and Stripping – Laying down a border or lining around the edge of your rooms doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Choose from Amtico’s range of linings like stripes, squares, beveled diamonds, Gothic arch and art deco. Add a simple yet eye-catching detail to your rooms that will transform the aesthetics instantly.

At Beau Monde, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best flooring products available in the marketplace today. We are only one of four National Advisory Council Members for Amtico in the country. Although we are located on the West Coast, we ship nationwide. If you're looking for a practical, stylish and attractive flooring options, look no further than Beau Monde Fine Floors, Inc.

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