Why buy Amtico flooring instead of the “real thing?”

Amtico offers a practical alternative with the following benefits:

  • An obvious choice for floor areas where water or moisture is a potential problem: kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and family rooms. Amtico tiles will not swell, curl or stain when subjected to water – a big risk with hardwood and laminates
  • Stone floors can be cold and hard. They may also absorb stains and must be cleaned carefully often needing the application of a sealer. Amtico tiles offer the same beauty of the natural material but are warm to the touch and something dropped is not always something broken! An Amtico floor is much more comfortable for children and pets.
  • Hardwood floors are like furniture, they can look beautiful in a living room but need careful treatment in order to look their best. Wear from foot traffic requires an occasional sanding down and re-polishing. Wood can swell or shrink as the environment in a room changes. This can cause instability, cracking or warping. An Amtico wood or parquet floor will have an authentic wood appearance but will not have any of the problems associated with hardwood. Hardwood flooring is not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Ceramic tiles are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. They are easy to wipe clean but, like stone, are cold and hard. Ceramic tiles can be broken or cracked if something heavy falls on them. The grout used with ceramic tile can become discolored quickly and can be difficult to clean. Amtico manufacturers a range of ceramic tile reproductions from classic black and white for a checkerboard to a terracotta tile for the country look. They are all much warmer and more comfortable to live with, and they will not break or crack.

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