Flooring Comparison

Amtico floors are an excellent sustainable flooring choice. If you are looking for green floors consider Amtico green flooring. Amtico is environmentally friendly flooring.

Some of the many reasons why Amtico Flooring is a superior choice in terms of durability compared to natural and laminate flooring materials:

Amtico Flooring vs. Wood Flooring

Amtico Flooring:

  • Can be less costly and easier to install

  • Is easier to care for

  • Resists heel marks and indentations

  • Does not crack, splinter, warp or rot

  • Retains its natural beauty and color without fading

  • Maintains its original look without sanding and refinishing

  • Is free of wood-eating pests

  • Withstands corrosive substances, such as salt, without being damaged

  • Will not buckle or delaminate from surface moisture

Amtico Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

Amtico Flooring:

  • Is much quieter

  • Is softer

  • Is resistant to moisture damage

  • Does not splinter, warp or chip

  • Does not fade in sunlight

  • Offers a wide variety of styles and design possibilities

Amtico Flooring vs. Marble & Ceramic Flooring

Amtico Flooring:

  • Remains intact even if something heavy falls on it

  • Is warmer underfoot

  • Is more resilient, thus it’s softer to stand and walk on

  • Offers more design possibilities, more cost effectively

  • Is much lighter – a very important point when material weight is a consideration

  • Is quicker and easier to install

  • Does not fade or discolor

  • Can be installed quickly and walked on soon after

  • Does not crack or chip

  • Does not have messy grout to seal and re-seal

  • Is resistant to household stains, such as coffee (easily stains natural marble)

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Amtico Flooring Wool Carpets Non - Toxic Nylon Carpet
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